The most important requirement for an education as a dancer is the love to dance. However, this love is not necessarily created on its own; it is rather awoken by a passionate teacher. Only then there is a chance that a  glimmer sparks into a career as a professional dancer.


Requirements for the professional dance education:

  1. the minimum age of students is 16 years (minors have to prove parental consent)
  2. a high school graduating diploma
  3. a medical form stating your health condition and physical ability
  4. experience in classical ballet and modern dance


We are looking for young, passionate and enthusiastic dancers who are willing to give everything for their professional aim. The audition consists of

  • a classical ballet class (90 mins),
  • a modern dance class (90 mins),
  • performing a choreography of the classical or modern repertoire,
  • and a personal interview in which the student’s knowledge in dance and music history will be tested.
Fees: Tuition is 380,00€ per month and is due at the beginning of every month; no later than the 10th of the current month. Students might qualify for BAföG. For further information please visit: www.bafö and www.das-neue-bafö Child benefit: Students until the age of 25 qualify for child benefit. Health insurance: students are responsible for their own health insurance. Occupational insurance association: Students who injure themselves in class or on their direct way to or from the school are covered by the occupational insurance association. Clothing costs: the expenses for dance attire (including shoes) is not covered by the school and must be bought by the students.
Application: Please enclose the following documents with your application:

  • a résumé including previous educations
  • certifications and/or reports or your previous dance training
  • a copy of your high school diploma
  • a medical report
  • 3 current headshots

Application deadline: Auditions for the Ballettakademie take place every year in spring. Please fill out the application form which you can download here. We will then invite selected candidates to come and take part in an audition. Please see below for this year’s audition dates. Entry deadline (apply post mark) for receipt of applications for an audition date is a working day before the exam date, respectively.