Hans Vogl
Hans Vogl is internationally recognized as an outstanding ballet teacher. His first-class dance training, years of experience on stages around the world, and finally his training in dance pedagogy make him the ideal ballet master for students of any age or level. In his own words, “The joy of dancing and movement as well as physical health and well-being are near to my heart. It is therefore essential to me and to my teachers to work toward these ends every day.”
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Emilia Gabriel
As a ballet dancer Emilia Gabriel was formed nine years at the State Ballet School in Sofia, Bulgaria. Then she danced as a solo dancer at the Sofia National Opera, the Berlin State Opera and Ballet at the German television. Later she studied four years ballet pedagogy at the School for Dance Education and Choreography Leipzig and completed her studies at the Hochschule für Musik “Hanns Eisler” in Berlin. She taught 35 years as a ballet teacher at the State Ballet School and School of Circus Arts in Berlin. Since 2013, it has been the ballet teacher for classical dance repertoire and in vocational training stage dance at the International Dance Academy in Berlin.

Anna-Lise Marie Hearn
Choreography und Improvisation
Anna-Lise Marie Hearn is a (half-British/half-Norwegian) professional dance artist, dance educator, award-winning choreographer and movement director based in Berlin, having previously lived and worked in London, UK.
Anna-Lise has an extensive experience of creating works for stage, film, site-specific, outdoor and alternative performance spaces. She has choreographed for many collaborative projects and commissions; commercially and artistically. Anna-Lise received her professional education at London Studio Centre (University of the Arts London). After graduating with a First Class Honours Degree, specialising in contemporary dance, she continued her further education by receiving a dance teaching qualification from bbodance, graduating with Distinction. She also received professional training in mentoring with dance organisations such as Dance United and London Studio Centre.
Dr. Maren Kapella
Lecturer in Biology
Maren Kapella was born in Berlin. She was a ballet student at the John Cranko School in Stuttgart until she moved to Berlin to study medicine at the Freie Universität. She graduated from medical school in 1991. She did her residency training in general surgery and orthopaedics in England and Germany and upon completion worked as a consultant orthopaedic surgeon at the orthopaedic hospital in Birkenwerder near Berlin. Since 2007 she has practiced as a specialist in orthopaedic and trauma surgery, first at the Meoclinic Berlin and at the Humboldt Hospital, and now at Wera Meißner Klinikum in Hessen. She also has a private practice in Berlin Mitte. Maren Kapella has been dancing all her life. She has a special interest in helping dancers to use their body in a physiological way to avoid pain and injuries.
Amelie-May Neuendorff
German Lessons
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