Offene Kurse

1st Trail Class: free
2nd Trial Class: 8,00 Euro

To arrange a date for the trial classes, call: +49 (0)30 873 88 18

We teach classical ballet according to the methodology of the Russian ballerina Eugenia Eduardova. The exercises of our courses for amateurs are specially designed to improve posture and mobility, strengthen the muscles and cultivate rhythmical coordination.

Contemporary Dance

Students in the contemporary class learn techniques fused from diverse schools of dance such as Limon, Graham, Horton, etc.  Individual movements are developed in warm-ups and then incorporated into dance combinations, expanding the student’s vocabulary of movement and reinforcing coordination.


This complete body workout strengthens the muscles and improves stamina and muscle coordination. A combination of strength training, stretching, and conscious breathing stimulates circulation and increases body awareness.