Viara Natchev

Long-standing First Soloist of the Berlin State Ballet and internationally successful dancer:

“As a long-time prima ballerina I have worked with many famous ballet teachers, but I especially appreciate working with Hans Vogl. He has phenomenal knowledge and pedagogical skills. In class, he knows how to get the most out of his students, and his passion inspires absolute dedication in all of them to seek the perfection of movement.”

Dr. Gustav Blan

Director of the Ballet School of the Munich Academy of Music; winner of the German Dance Prize:

“Hans Vogl received his professional training at the State Academy of Music in Munich, Department of Ballet under my direction. He passed his pedagogy exams with top grades and is counted among the most talented educators for this art form. His positive attitude and his enduring ability to deal with students caused me to appoint him frequently as my replacement.

The encouraging feedback that he has received in his lessons convinced me of his high educational quality.” (1976) 


Maria-Helena Buckle

Student of Hans Vogl and longtime soloist of the Berlin State Ballet:

“Through dance my ballet teacher Hans Vogl has shown me passion, expression, storytelling, and respect for my life as a dancer. He communicated a boundless love of the profession to all of his students. I am eternally grateful that I was allowed to practice that love. Thank you Hans! Yours, Maria Helena.”