Pre-Professional Program

New support classFoerderklasse01

in Stahnsdorf, on Mexikoplatz and in the studio Rheinstraße!

A good educational background in ballet, musicality and good anatomical conditions make it useful a child from the 7th / 8th year targeted support in the ballet! Participation in an entrance examination for a support class is a prerequisite. Be checked musicality, strain, anatomical conditions, improvisation / creativity and implementation capacity of movements. A professional assessment can take place only by a competent, professional audit commitee that brings decades of experience.

We offer the following dates:

Support class Stahnsdorf: Saturday, 01/24/15 15 clock Support class Mexikoplatz: Saturday, 02/14/15 15 clock Support class Rheinstraße: Saturday, 07/03/15 15 clock

All auditions are held in the Rheinstraße!


In an interview with the Audit Committee will decide on participation of the child in the support class. In the first two years of lessons will take place at each location; then a change is transferred to the road to clean Steglitz.

The Audit Committee is located at:

Mr. Hans Vogl (Director) Dr. Larisa Dobrozhan Ms. Emilia Gabriel Ms. Viara Natcheva (former ballerina of the Berlin State Ballet) Ms. Sarah Mestrovic (ballerina of the Berlin State Ballet) ApplicationTo participate in an entrance examination, please send us attached entry form filled out back.


For participating in the entrance examination fee of 20,00 € will be charged.

Place of entrance examination:

Ballet Academy Hans Vogl, Rheinstr.45-46, 12161 Berlin, 2 yard right, 4th floor elevator For questions please contact Juliane Uluocak daily from 09.00 am – 14.00 clock at (030) 873 88 18 available.


This program is designed for students who are still attending high school, but wish to train daily at a pre-professional level. In the PPP students will learn how to train professionally with passion and joy and develop their personality. In addition, girls start to take point classes and boys learn more intricate jumps and turns.

Terms of admission:

Admission is possible year-round and takes places via auditioning or by taking a ballet class with Mr. Vogl. For admission there are two requirements: Students must have a minimum age of 13 years (exception for very gifted students) and a solid foundation of placement, discipline, improvisation skills and musicality, as well as love for dance. Furthermore, students should have good anatomical capabilities, temperament, passion and enthusiasm.


4 classes à 90 mins per week: 121,00 € per month 5 classes à 90 mins per week: 136,00 € per month 6 classes à 90 mins per week: 150,00 € per month